Objectives of the Trust

  • To support, run and create education facilities in the valley and at all other places where board of trustees deem proper. 
  • To provide vocational training's for both male and female sections of the community in the field of modern health care.
  • To make efforts at public education efforts for improving awareness about the importance of education in the public.
  • To associate when felt necessary with associations and agencies having similar objectives. 
  • The Trust shall not be for the benefit of any particular caste,creed, colour,sex etc.
  • To provide the blood donation facilities to the needy people.
  • To make consultation programs for the youth with respect to their jobs and education.
  • To uplift downtrodden people.
  • To create Dargah for imparting Islamic Education.
  • To maintain Graveyards.
  • To help the needy people.
  • To take care of every old age people, orphans and widows.
  • Construction of roads, renovations/repairs of Government buildings, schools and health centres. 
  • To fight against the evils and against persons who have bad habits.